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Rose Eau de Parfum

$ 42.00 USD
$ 49.00 USD

A luxurious fragrance with notes of black rose, vanilla, and patchouli. Perfect for a sophisticated and alluring scent.

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Product Overview

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More Details

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Clients Review

Review Img
"Architecture Insights"

“I've struggled with dry skin for years, but serum has been a game-changer! It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. Definitely a must-have in my skincare routine!

Courtney Henry
Miami, USA
Review Img
Liquid Eyeliner

“I'm terrible at applying eyeliner, but this product makes it so easy! The tip is super fine, allowing for precise & the formula is long-lasting. I love how it makes my eyes pop!”

Jenny Williamson
Georgia, USA
Review Img
Miracle Moisturizer

“I’ve tried countless moisturizers, but this one is truly exceptional! My skin has never felt so hydrated and smooth. Plus, it gives my skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Worth every penny!”

Barbara Gordon
New York, USA
Review Img
Glow-Boosting Serum

“This serum is a game-changer! After just a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin’s brightness and texture. Dark spots have faded, and my complexion is more even.”

Natasha Romanoff
Florida, USA
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Leave-In Conditioner

“My hair has never felt so soft and manageable! This leave-in conditioner is a lifesaver, especially for my frizzy hair. It detangles effortlessly and protects my hair from heat styling.”

Cody Fisher
California, USA
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Finish Foundation

“It provides amazing coverage without feeling heavy. It stays put all day and looks so natural. The shade range is fantastic & I finally found my perfect match. This is my new grail foundation!”

Wanda Maximoff
New Jersey, USA
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Revitalizing Shampoo

“This shampoo has transformed my hair! It feels stronger, healthier than ever before. I’ve noticed less breakage & my hair looks so much more vibrant. The scent is wonderful.”

Leslie Alaxander
Las Vegas, USA