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The Best Springboard Pilates

Group Fitness for the Modern Mover

Experience the method taking over Hoboken's fitness community, exclusively at our new Washington Street location.

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Our Story

Unveiling our passion for fitness

Driven by a desire to redefine beauty standards and celebrate individuality, we embarked on a mission to create a brand that not only offers exceptional products but also fosters a sense of confidence.

From humble beginnings, our brand has grown into a symbol of authenticity and integrity, guided by the principles.

Company Milestone
Founded Ken Pilates Private Training
Opened 2nd Location on Hoboken's Washington St
Community Events Hosted
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Fitness Results

"Teaching Ken's SpringSculpt method has allowed me to witness incredible transformations in our clients' strength and flexibility. The studio's beautiful setting in Hoboken, right on Washington Street, adds to the overall positive experience."

Matthew Cunningham
Hoboken, NJ
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Increased Strength

“Ken's approach to blending Pilates with strength training at our Hoboken studio has been a game-changer for our clients. The results are remarkable, and being conveniently located on Washington Street makes it easy for everyone to prioritize their fitness goals.”

Jess Severino
New York, USA
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Leading Clients

“Guiding clients through Ken's SpringSculpt sessions in Hoboken is incredibly rewarding. The method's unique blend of Pilates and strength training addresses diverse fitness goals, with the added convenience of being right on Washington Street."

Venus Ferreria
Union City, NJ
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New Energy

“The energy in our Hoboken studio is contagious. Through our tailored Pilates and strength sessions, clients discover new levels of strength and flexibility."

Rebekah Trice
Bayonne, NJ
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Inspiring Community

“The community we've built here in Hoboken is inspiring. Through our unique blend of Pilates and strength training, clients achieve results they didn't think possible.”

Isabella Vergara
Jersey City, NJ
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Unparalleled Experience

“Our Hoboken studio offers a fitness experience like no other. Clients here thrive on our combination of Pilates and strength training, seeing tangible results.”

Sonny Thai
Jersey City, NJ
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Unique Approach

"I've loved seeing how our clients embrace fitness with our unique approach in Hoboken."

Willa O'Conner
New York, USA
Award Wining Products

Highly performing beauty formula

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, certain products stand out from the rest, earning accolades for their innovation, effectiveness.

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