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Sandra Lyons


Private Pilates personalized to meet your goals

$45 off your first session. Private studio located in Hoboken, NJ.

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 Starting Fitness

Changing your lifestyle with a fast paced life may seem hard or impossible, but with small steps each week you can achieve your dream physique and live a healthier life.

High-Impact Workouts

We're tracking your goal weight with body fat measures, weight and general feeling. You may have the same body weight but feel 10x better.


Everyone is different, and we know it. That's why all of our clients get a programme specific just for their lifestyle and body tipe. This give the best possible results.

Overall Toning

Just going to the gym and lifting weights won't make you healthy, after all it may even cause some harm to your body. We teach proper exercise techniques

The journey to a healthier body starts right now

Online coaching