Embracing Change: A Journey of Self-Love and Growth

Ken highlights the importance of prioritizing health as the true path to wealth and encourages gratitude. He promotes a supportive community that uplifts each other in their individual self-improvement journeys.

Hello to my amazing community,

I wanted to share a deeply personal reflection today, one that I believe many of you can relate to. As someone who danced full-time professionally, I often find myself reminiscing about those days. Dance, with its rhythmic beauty and expressive form, is truly one of the world's best exercises. It was a time when my body mirrored the agile finesse of dance — it looked different, leaner. I cherished the slim silhouette, even noting the slender appearance of my face. But like the fluidity of dance, life too is in constant motion.

As time passed, the rigors of professional dance gave way to other pursuits. My workout regime shifted from cardio-intensive routines to strength training. Metabolism, that elusive force we often take for granted in our youth, began to change its rhythm. The result? Today, I stand stronger than ever, both mentally and physically. My heart is fuller, and my mind clearer. But with these changes came new challenges. A recent shopping trip was a stark reminder of how different things are now — from fitting into small sizes to now wearing large.

This change, while natural, was a bitter pill to swallow. It's a struggle many face — reconciling the image of our past selves with our present reality. But here's the epiphany: Change is growth. The version of me today, with all its strengths and vulnerabilities, is just another chapter in the book of life. And like any story, there will be highs, lows, and countless lessons in between.

Beauty standards, especially in the gay community and among women, exert immense pressure. It pains me to witness my private clients, incredible individuals, feel weighed down by societal expectations. While my profession is to guide them towards their physical goals, the true reward is witnessing their transformation from within — moving from a place of self-criticism to one of love and celebration.

A profound line from Bad Bunny's recent album resonated deeply with me. He says, "Por eso ya yo no pido mucho cuando me acuesto. A Dios que me dé salud, que yo hago el resto." Translated, it means, "That's why I don't ask for much when I go to sleep, I just ask God for health because I can do the rest." It's a powerful reminder that health is our true wealth. Everything else, whether it's achieving our dream physique or chasing life goals, will follow once we prioritize our well-being.

Gratitude has been my anchor in these tumultuous times. Every morning, I take a moment to count my blessings and express thanks for the present. It's a simple act, but its impact is profound. When we lead our lives from a place of gratitude, challenges transform into opportunities, and setbacks become stepping stones.

By sharing my insecurities and vulnerabilities, I hope to foster a community where we support and uplift each other. Remember, you're not alone in your struggles. Our paths might be different, but our destination is the same — to be the best versions of ourselves. Let's embark on this journey together, with love, patience, and the unwavering belief that the best is yet to come.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Let's continue to grow, evolve, and embrace the beauty of change.

With warmth and gratitude,


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